Males And Sexual Harassment By Females: What You Need To Know

16 January 2020
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Men are less likely to report sexual harassment and rape than women. In fact, the concept that men could be sexually harassed or raped was dismissed for decades until the late '80s and early '90s. Once it was proven that men could be traumatized by these actions just as easily as women, then more and more cases for sexual harassment and rape of men by women came forward. If you are a man, and you believe you were sexually harassed by a woman, speak to a sexual harassment attorney. Then catch up on the following to prepare for your case. 

Most Sexual Harassment of Men Is the Same Stuff for Female Cases

Sexual jokes, innuendos, sexting, graphic pictures, offensive emails, adult magazines or adult materials, and anything else sexual in nature that makes people uncomfortable in the work place counts as harassment for both men and women. This is usually the stuff that you experience, although much more serious incidents can occur. Unwanted touching, fondling, and groping or suggestions that you perform sexual acts to keep your job are all wrong and they are even more serious than anything else. 

Did Your Female Boss Touch You?

While there is an undoubtedly double-sided ideal out there about sex with the boss and avoiding unprofessional situations, you may have very mixed feelings about what happened. That is not uncommon for men, who may feel pressured to "man up" or may be encouraged to pursue intimate relationships with female supervisors and actually enjoy the attention they are getting from female bosses. Yet, when such attention makes you really uncomfortable, ashamed, or embarrassed, that is sexual harassment, and it is not okay, no matter what your male friends at work say. 

If your female boss touched you or groped you in a way that would definitely be considered sexual, you can sue. This includes grabbing, groping, and/or squeezing your groin and buttocks, as well as forcing parts of her body in your face (e.g., fingers in your mouth, breasts in your face, etc.). She was using her position of authority to get your attention in all the wrong ways, and she is not allowed by law to do that. 

What You Can Obtain Via a Lawsuit

Your female supervisor or boss can be fired. If you were fired because of the lawsuit, or because you refused the physical advances of a female authority figure, you can sue to get your job back, if you want it. You can also sue for lost wages, the cost for psychological therapy, and any damages related to the incident or incidents.