Males And Sexual Harassment By Females: What You Need To Know

16 January 2020
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Men are less likely to report sexual harassment and rape than women. In fact, the concept that men could be sexually harassed or raped was dismissed for decades until the late '80s and early '90s. Once it was proven that men could be traumatized by these actions just as easily as women, then more and more cases for sexual harassment and rape of men by women came forward. If you are a man, and you believe you were sexually harassed by a woman, speak to a sexual harassment attorney. Read More 

Diagnosed With A Fatal Illness? Why You Need To Set Up A Living Trust Now

11 November 2019
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If you have been diagnosed with a fatal illness, you need to take care of things now. One of these things is a living trust. Below is information about what a living trust is, as well as the reasons why you need to set one up. Living Trust Even if you set up a will, you still need a living trust. A will determines where you want your assets distributed after you die. Read More 

What To Know About Joint Physical Custody

30 May 2019
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The choices for parents who are divorcing can be confusing. There are two overall categories of child custody to consider along with several custody arrangement choices. Shared or joint custody can provide a child with the best parenting plan, but it's not appropriate for all situations. Read on to find out if joint custody might be right for you. Legal Custody and Physical Custody If both of you are determined to remain present in your child's life, joint legal custody allows you to do that. Read More 

Protecting Your Family With Will Preparation

23 September 2015
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It is very important to take the time to prepare a will if you would like to distribute your belongings to certain people within your family or to friends. If you have a child or children, a will is needed so they are not placed into a foster care program upon your death. Here are some tips to use when preparing a will so you can be at peace knowing your heirs and belongings will be well-taken care of if you should die. Read More 

Purchasing A Business: Why You Need Help From A Corporate Lawyer

28 July 2015
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Did you find a business that you are ready to invest in and take over ownership? Before signing a sales agreement, you may want to seek services from a corporate lawyer to make sure you are not getting a bad deal. Find out below how a lawyer can be helpful when purchasing a business, as well as what he or she may charge to assist you. Why Should a Lawyer Be Hired Before Buying a Business? Read More